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Seek convenience and comfort for our customers With industrial machines,At the same time, Seek happiness and a sense of accomplishment for all of our staff members practically and mentally

We, Aplus Co., Ltd., will keep providing comfort as well as convenience for our customers through our unique products and services.

At the same time, we will keep seeking happiness and a sense of accomplishment for all of our staff members through everyone's effort to advance together.
Takahiro Hashizume
Aplus Co., Ltd.
President: Takahiro Hashizume


Corporate Data

Corporate Name APLUS CO., Ltd.
Principal Office 1568-161 Obukai, Sakura City, Chiba, JAPAN
Founded 1970
Numbers of Employees 29 (as of April, 2021)
Capital 60 million yen
Network [Office] Head / Sendai
[plant] Hikarimachi
Main Banks Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


1970 Founder Shingo Hasizume established Daiichi Design Service and began an industrial machine engineering business.
1980 Spread the business to design, manufacture and placement of cranes, conveyers, laboratory machine and labor-saving device.
(ex: Japan Railway Ueno Station, Edo Tokyo Museum)
1990 Separated the development and manufacture sections from Daiichi Design Service, established Aplus Co., Ltd.
1991 Opened Hikarimachi Factory.
1992 Began the development and manufacture of multi-storied mechanized car parking systems.
1997 Built the Head office in Sakura City.
1999 Established Tokyo office, Sendai office and Asahi factory.
2001 Established Kyusyu factory and Osaka office.
Set up Home page and LAN.
2002 Established Fukuoka office and Seoul office.
2003 Began productions in China.
2004 Grew dealings with China.
2006 Began productions in Philippine.
2008 Began dealings with Singapore.